I was born and raised in New Jersey. 

Throughout my teenage years, I had this yearning to go someplace else, to travel to different places.  My favorite stories were ones away from home either across the United States or all over the world.  So I made that my life right after highschool.  I moved on a whim to live in Japan and had the opportunity to travel to Korea, China, and the Philippines.   After emerging and developing, I continued to travel.  I moved to Eastern Europe to taste Slavic culture in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while using this opportunity to travel across Western and Southern Europe down to Greece and Croatia.  I submerged myself into the unfamiliarity adding South Africa and Central America.   These experiences were during serious developmental years that have shaped who I am today with cultures completely opposite from what I knew and grew to love so much.

But my life was simple. 

I specialize in abstract contemporary acylic and oil paintings with inspiration from my everyday life and interactions.  Some of my mentors were artists and photograpers that I stumbled upon during my travels such as installation artist Yayoi Kusama, the colorful photos of Nobuyoshi Araki,  Dutch Photographer Rineke Dijkstra, and Czech painters Frantisek Hudecek and Grosss Hudecek.  My eyes gravitate towards cubism, surrealism, and abstraction.  My biggest inspiration is my mom and her unstoppable urges to continute to pursue happiness in a peaceful manner.